Online Education

Can the Web be an effective addition to school supervision?

Web learning courses are a modern trend related to the will of parents (and students) to face up to school failure through online learning.

It is also a good way to be as perfect as possible – by working at certain points parallel to school throughout the year:

  • before an exam (e.g. Abitur preparation),
  • during school holidays,
  • to consolidate the existing knowledge,
  • to perfectly master the content of the lessons that have been studied.

In this sense, we see numerous websites that offer resources for all subjects and all levels.

Free or paid online tutoring: pupils in primary, secondary and grammar schools are given a breeding ground that only requires them to be used at will.

Nevertheless, we can inquire about the relevance of these elements:

  • Can online tutoring (especially free online tutoring) be trusted?
  • Or, on the contrary, should we distrust it?
  • Superprof has taken up the questions and helps you to see them more clearly…

The advantages of online tutoring

There are many good reasons to turn to online courses during your student life.

We present you the 6 big advantages of online tutoring support.

An adaptable and interesting price

In general, one hour of tutoring at home is about 20 €. This price increases or decreases according to various criteria (including the subject, the teacher’s experience and the student’s grade).

The structure of an hour of tutoring can vary greatly: You will find all sorts of offers – from a selection of free resources to the possibility to repeat material for a whole range of subjects under pre-defined conditions.

In all cases the pedagogy on the net is always intended for the small purse.

Online courses and exercises are accessible everywhere and at any time

All you need to read your material, watch videos or listen to podcasts is a working Internet connection.

At home you have your computer or your tablet. Outside, a smartphone is all you need to repeat material or do exercises on the go.

It’s ideal for making intelligent use of your time on public transport, or for catching up with stuff you missed or neglected during the year in the holidays before the new school year.

It is perfect to repeat material at your own pace after class

We all know tired moments and others where we could move mountains.

Don’t be afraid: your courses on the web won’t disappear from one day to the next.

A loose leaf can get lost, but not a URL (especially if you mark it as a favorite).

When you need it, just a few clicks are enough to find math, physics or chemistry courses or online grammar and spelling exercises that will allow you to overcome your difficulties – whenever you want.

A greater motivation to learn

The interesting thing about this type of tutoring at home is the focus on playful learning.

Take video games, for example: They offer you entertaining exercises and interactive courses, and some of the games even offer a motivating medal and motivation system.

You’ll really enjoy improving your math or German.

One expert just one click away

By the end of the school day, you’ll probably be less able to concentrate. This is quite normal. The result: you didn’t understand anything in organic or French classes.

Don’t worry: it is possible to ask your questions to experienced experts on the Internet.

This can be done on forums or using a webcam (in the second case for a fee if it’s personalized online tutoring).

You decide according to your needs and your budget. In any case, you will easily find an available teacher.

Although Munich and other large cities are best suited for tutoring, it is often very difficult to find a tutor in small towns. Online tutoring can be a huge help.

A help for practical and effective tasks

If your lesson notes are incomplete, it is easy to find the missing lesson online.

If a concept is too abstract for you, the web can help you understand it better thanks to formal resources (videos or exercises, for example).

In all cases, you focus directly on the essential by working specifically at the point where it is lacking.

The limits of online tutoring

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

We have told you something about the positive points of online tutoring at home. Now let’s have a closer look at the disadvantages of tutoring on the web…

Artificial vs. human intelligence

A fact: Not having a teacher at one’s side who accompanies you through the learning process is a decisive obstacle to success.

A child who is not used to learning or who has never learned to learn autonomously will not feel like getting to work if there is no one to repeat the teaching material or do their homework.

A computer program cannot find any other difficulty than a lack of knowledge.

If the student has concentration or motivation problems, there is certainly no quiz on the Internet that will help him to get over such problems.

Beware of the dangers of the Internet

We are thinking above all of the young pupils who may come across content that does not correspond to their age.

Therefore, parents of primary school children (and also of pupils at the beginning of secondary school) must monitor their little ones when they go online. Even when the parental lock is activated.

As for secondary school pupils: at least the latter have already gained a certain autonomy in their work organisation.

And yet, if they use the Internet to seem to work, make sure they do.

On video sites (such as YouTube) it’s really easy to get distracted. So the student quickly loses effectiveness in repeating.

Most importantly, don’t forget to critically review the information you read on the net (especially in open forums)!

Too much choice in resources

Many sites boast of offering thousands of resources.

This is very good to allow anyone to find English online courses, German tuition, biology courses or the math tuition online that suits them.

But is it really practical to ask your child to continue his or her education in physics, for example, if he or she has no problems with it in class?

In the choices they have, some students who don’t have a special approach or learning method can quickly get confused and lose their confidence.

Encourage them by suggesting that they always work a little bit on their subject so that they can make progress little by little.